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Buy Metizolam online High-Quality is the short name for 4-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-ethyl-6H-thieno[3,2-f][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,4]diazepine and is the N-desmethyl analogue of etizolam. Metizolam is an in-vitro Gaba receptor positive allosteric modulator.

As with all the chemicals that we stock, Metizolam is not approved for any type of in-vivo research (i.e. not in humans or animals) or for clincial trials and therefore if accidently ingested then immediate medical attention should be sought. Please ensure you adhere to standard laboratory safety practices including using suitable skin, eye and clothing protection.

Metizolam or Desmethyletizolam is a thienodiazepine that is closely related to the ever popular Etizolam.The Metizolam molecule differs from a benzodiazepine in that the benzene ring has been replaced by a thiophene ring We only Metizolam in 2mg pellets or for more advanced researchers in pure powder formAs with all of our products, researchers are advised to wear the necessary protective gear while working with Metizolam. This product is sold for use in established research facilities only.
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Metizolam aka Desmethyletizolam is a derivative of: Etizolam.

Sold in pellet form and supplied for research only! Buy Any Chem does not advocate the abuse of any research chemical, and sells Metizolam for research only.

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